What is The Institute of Purpose?
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Finding purpose in your life can be a long process, particularly after a life change such as retirement, exit from the military, or something that changes your reason for getting up in the morning. The following stories are about people, like you, who have discovered a renewed purpose in their lives. Watch, listen, and let us know what your purpose is.

In 2025 Jeff Seckendorf will attempt to break the age 70-74 bicycle hour record. This five-year project of mental and physical training gives Jeff purpose in his life. Watch the video to see if there is a project in your life that provides this kind of purpose.

Chris Buscher, the Executive Director of the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego and his wife, Nancy Carlson, have been bringing joyful, meaningful gifts to hundreds of people. What this powerful video to share in Chris and Nancy’s purpose.

Several years ago nurse practitioner Sherrie Gould took a group of 29 people, nine with Parkinson’s disease, to Machu Picchu via the Salkantay trail. Each member of this team had their own reason for going, but each discovered purpose as they trained, hiked, and succeeded.

noun: purpose; plural noun: purposes

the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Masters athlete Jeff Seckendorf on “What is Purpose?”

Cycling coach Ben Sharp answers the question, “What is My Purpose?”

Tracey Jacobs, bicycle racer, massage therapist, and mom on inspiring others through purpose.

Jonathan Schwartz, owner of Partner in Aging and co-founder of the Institute of Purpose, on how he sees his purpose.

Marty Acevedo, president of the board of the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego and an ambassador at the Davis Phinney Foundation defines her vision of purpose.

Nancy Carlson defines her purpose by how she is able to give back. Listen to her short but powerful story.

Chris Buscher is the Executive Director of the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego. After 50 years in the non-profit world, listen to Chris on why he came out of retirement.

Sasha Graham is the host of the podcast, SPORTS WILL SAVE US ALL – stories about the incredibly unifying nature of sports. Here we bluntly ask her, “What is your purpose?”

Andrea Vahl, small business owner, is finding her purpose by starting “Moms Unhinged,” a comedy show exploring the humor of motherhood.

Vince Warnock, a business and marketing coach and the driving force behind the Chasing the Insights podcast gives us a look at his purpose.

We are searching the globe for stories of people who have found purpose. If you have a story  you think will interest our audience as they seek purpose, please submit it here.

The Institute of Purpose

When we were kids 40 was old, 50 was really old, and 60, well, that was older than old if you even made it that far.

In the U.S.,10,000 people are turning 70 every day. Many retired from careers expecting golf and gardening would replace the purpose they had for decades in the workforce. But that is not often the case.

Without purpose, we stagnate. Without purpose, we give up our contribution to friends, community, and society. We are not suggesting you don’t retire. We are encouraging you find purpose at every stage in life.

The Institute of Purpose mission is to give you ideas, motivation, and direction as you find your purpose.

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Why Do We Want Your Story?

It would be easy to find celebrities – famous actors, athletes, businessmen – who have stories of their purpose but, can you relate? We are interested in YOU, a member of Generation Older/Wiser, and YOUR story.

We have committed the Institute of Purpose to provide content that drives, motivates, and energizes Gen O/W to find renewed purpose in life.

If part of your purpose is helping other people find purpose, let us know.

Our goal – guide as many people as possible to live life with purpose. If you share that goal, let us know.

What Are Your Goals?

And an equally important question is, What is your process to reach those goals?

A good goal is 50 percent believable – a stretch, but not impossible. Once a goal is defined, the process to get you to your goal takes over.

The process:
If it’s a bike ride, it’s the planning and training.

If it’s a garden, it’s the planning and digging.

If it’s a book, it’s the research and writing.

Regardless of the goal, there is a process that must be in place to reach that goal.

What are your goals, and how will you reach them? Click here to submit your story.

What Is Your Purpose?

If you feel like your goals define your purpose, then it’s critical you define the process you will use to reach those goals.

Reaching the goal often takes a few seconds, or a few minutes. But, the process can take years.

Some writers say the best part of writing is having written. Those are people who find no joy in the process…they go through it for the sole purpose of reaching their goal.

The work gets completed and the letdown  begins. The joy is in the process, not the goal.

What is your purpose? Click here to submit your story.


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