What Is Your Purpose?

If you feel like your goals define your purpose, then it’s critical you define the process you will use to reach those goals.

Reaching the goal often takes a few seconds, or a few minutes. But, the process can take years.

Some writers say the best part of writing is having written. Those are people who find no joy in the process…they go through it for the sole purpose of reaching their goal. The work gets completed and the letdown begins.

But, the joy is in the process, not the goal.

The Documentary Project

Whether you are recently retired, or need a mid-life change, our collection of stories will guide you to a vision to help you find your purpose.

We are searching the globe for fascinating stories of people who have found purpose. If you have retired and a life of golf and gardening is just not doing it for you, watch the videos for motivation as you find purpose.

And if you have a story that you think will interest our audience as they seek purpose, please submit it here.