The Institute of Purpose

When we were kids 40 was old, 50 was really old, and 60, well, that was older than old if you even made it that far.

In the U.S.,10,000 people are turning 70 every day. Many retired from careers expecting golf and gardening would replace the purpose they had for decades in the workforce. But that is not often the case.

Without purpose, we stagnate. Without purpose, we give up our contribution to friends, community, and society. We are not suggesting you don’t retire. We are encouraging you find purpose at every stage in life.

The Institute of Purpose mission is to give you ideas, motivation, and direction as you find your purpose. Any project – an athletic event, a small business, a team of volunteers – anything that gives you purpose and pays it forward.

The key to purpose is to help yourself, but as important – or more important – is to help others. The Institute of Purpose mission is to help you find purpose that does both: helps you, and helps others through your efforts.

Want to run your first trialthlon? Let’s work together to find a way to help others with the same goal.

Want to help others in need of a home? We’ll help you build a team to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity.

Want to write a book? We’ll help you find a group who’s been there/done that and can help with your purpose.

Whatever your goals, or your vision of the next steps in your life, we can help you through workshops, classes, mentors, and much more.